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My Moshi Monster Help Guide. Welcome to the Moshi Monster Help Guide! Here, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about Moshi monsters. So, read this short booklet and find out the wonders of Moshi monsters! Here is the web address: Firstly, I will introduce myself. My name is Lulster2010, and I am a great fan of Moshi Monsters, and I am here and writing these very words to prove to you how strongly I believe that this website could be the best thing that ever happened in the UK! Here is my profile; Username: Lulster2010 Monster type: Diavlo Monster name: Devildude Age: 10 Favourite Food: Pizza Favourite Colour: Black Membership status: Moshi Member Birthday: April Fools day! So, there was a profile of me summed up round about. Now, introduce yourself. Fill in the sheet below!
Monster name: kat
Age: 10

Favourite Food:chocolate(oviosly)
Favourite colour: rainbow
Membership status: moshi member
Birthday: 29 december 2000
Monster name:
Favourite Food
Favourite colour:
Membership status

Great! Now you’re ready to begin reading. But be sure to read every page with care. Only Joking!! WAIT!!! Just quickly fill out this bit. THANKS!
Favourite moshling: jjeepers

I have 0
brothers and
ive got 576 friends already on Moshi Monsters
Favourite moshling: ______________
I have ____
brothers and
____ sisters.
Altogether, I hope to have
___ friends on Moshi Monsters

Ok, now your ready, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for ultimate Moshi Madness!! From Lulster2010 J P.S.! Make sure you do the daily challenge every day. Now, SCRAM!! Contents: Which Moshling are you...01 Buster Bumblechops time…02 Which moshling are you?? Are you a fiery Burnie? Or a totally cute Honey? Find out in this faberooni quiz!!
Question 1:
OMG!! You just won a competition! How do you feel? A] That’s another trophy added to the collection… B] Awesome! I can’t believe I won! C] Competition? Only babies enter those!
Question 2:
You just missed the school bus! A] 3rd day running, this isn’t good… B] Oh well. Better get Mum to drive me there. MUM!!! C] Yes! And its P.E. today…
Question 3:

What colour are you’re eyes?
A] Red B] Blue C] What are eyes? Question 4: Are you a girl, or a boy? A] Boy B] Girl C] Zzzzzz…. Mostly A’s: You have a fiery temper when you get angry, and will always fight back. You forget things most of the time, but you’re a good friend, and that’s the best bit. With a personality like that, your- Jeepers! Mostly B’s You’re a good sport if you lose a competition, but you are a keen winner. You don’t ever get mad at people if they did something wrong, you have a burning personality. That means the moshling you are destined to be is – Scamp! Mostly C’s You are a daydreamer, and don’t know much stuff. You don’t like sports, and only like going on the computer, pretty much. With a personality like that, the moshling you are is – Humphrey! Well, how did yo do in the moshling quiz? Write which moshling you were here! _______________ Try this quiz out on your friends! Write what scores they got here! Name: ________ the moshling I turned out to be was: __________! Name: ________ the moshling I turned out to be was: __________! Name: ________ the moshling I turned out to be was: __________! Name: ________ the moshling I turned out to be was: __________! Did you enjoy the quiz? I did! When I played the quiz my friend guess what they got? Humphrey! Lol! Every other page I am letting Buster Bumblechops write 1 page about 1 moshling. So, here is Mr. Bumblechops 1st entry! Honey!Honey The Funny Bunny! Fluffies. Dedicated followers of fashion, Funny Bunnies are the best-dressed Moshlings in town. When there not texting jokes tot heir friends, they can be found yacking about carrot cake, clothes, and fur straighteners. The single floppy ear is a result of listening to silly ringtones all day. Rarity: Rare Top Speed: 23mph Cuteness: 8/10 Brains: 85 IQ Mischief: 10 Rarity Rating: 57 Seeds you have to plant to get honey! Any Magic Bean Yellow Love Berry Blue Snap Apple Secret Moshi Code! Moshling Quiz! I bet your thinking, ‘But I already did a moshling quiz!’ Well, you think wrong. This quiz will base you knowledge of Moshlings. So, good luck! 1. Which of these is NOT a beastie? A] Burnie B] Jeepers C] ShiShi D] General Fuzuki 2. Which of these Moshlings can fly? A] Coolio B] Diavlo C] Purdy D] Gurgle 3. Which new secret moshling was just released? _____________ 4. Which moshling is nearly asleep all the time? A] Rocky B] Lady Meowford C] Humphrey D] Gigi 5. Is Squidge ♂ or ♀? ____ 6. Which Fluffy eats your cursor? A] Flumpy B] Dipsy C] I.G.G.Y. D] None of them. 7. Which Foodie looks like a doughnut? A] Oddie B] Cutie Pie C] DJ Quack D] Kissy 8. How many Moshlings are there in each set? A] 3 B] 7 C] 24 D] 4 9. Which moshling has alliteration with B? ______________________ 10. Which is the lowest rarity rated moshling? __________________ Find out answers at the back of the booklet. ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻ Buster Bumblechops Moshling Time! Gigi Gigi Magical Mules are powerful Moshlings descended from enchanted carousel horses. Even today they trot along humming fairground tunes, occasionally gliding up and down as if attached to a merry-go-round. Totally bewitching, these elegant gee-gees love ballroom dancing and can even create rainbows. Rarity: Ultra Rare! Top Speed: 17 Cuteness: 7 Brains: 120 Mischief: 11 Rarity Rank: 79 Seeds to get Gigi! Blue hot silly pepper Red Moon Orchid Yellow Hot silly pepper Moshi Monster Jokes! What happened to the White Fang when its Tooth fell out? The tooth Furi came! What do you call a happy Peppy? A pen-grin! What’s the difference between I.G.G.Y. and a cat? Nothing, they both like chasing Mice! DJ Quack walked into The Gross-ery and ordered a Spam burger. When the waitress asked if he wanted to pay now, he said, “Just put it on my bill!” Why did Mini Ben jump out of the window? To see time fly! What’s Furry, grumpy, and rolling? A Furi rolling down the stairs! What’s Furry, grumpy, and laughing? The Furi that pushed it! What do monsters like with their fish and chips? Moshi peas! Why did Banana Montana go to the Doctors? Because she wasn’t peeling very fell! What is DJ Quacks favourite food? Quakers! Why did Hansel cross the road? Because Gretel was on the other side! What did the Cleo say when he woke up? I want my mummy! What is Lady Meowfords favourite colour? Purrple! How do you stop Big Bad Bill from charging? Take away his credit card!

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